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Other Local Resources

Canned Food
Image by Nathan Dumlao

If you're looking for additional resources such as food, housing, help paying utility bills, diaper banks, and more, please review the information below about other local organizations and programs. Each title is a clickable link that will take you to the corresponding organization's webpage.


211 is a free, easy-to-remember helpline that connects individuals and families with important services and resources, including housing, utilities, food, employment and expenses, health, and mental health. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 150 languages. 

Simply call or text 211. This service is free and confidential.


There are over 35 community fridges and pantries in Philadelphia. You can find them all by clicking on the title of this section. 


In an effort to keep cats and dogs in their loving homes, the Community Pet Pantry helps to serve low-income individuals and families by providing supplemental FREE pet food and supplies for their four legged family members during difficult times. The Community Pet Pantry targets specific Philadelphia neighborhoods each month in order to serve those *families in need all around our city.


Offering free clothes for those in need. Perfectly Flawless Boutique  is located in Germantown at 5312 Germantown Ave.


It’s ok to not be ok, and you don’t have to go at it alone. Click on the  header to see a resource guide prepared by our partners at Northwest Mutual Aid Collective.


NWMAC offers free home food deliveries for seniors, disabled residents and low-income families in the following zip codes: 19144, 19119, 19138, 19128 or 19129.


The Philadelphia Diaper Bank collects baby and adult diapers and menstrual products donated to them from generous donors. They also take monetary donations and purchase diapers and menstrual products in bulk at ⅓ of the cost of retail. They work with over 50 community partnerships to distribute diapers and menstrual products to families across the city.


Not everyone who needs food can leave their home to get it. That’s why we need to meet people where they are. With the help of DoorDash, Share provides regular deliveries right to the doorsteps of seniors and others who qualify. If you’d like to receive a delivery of a free box of nutritious food, please sign up at the link above.


Nation's first Menstrual Hub and Uterine Wellness center. Its mission is to decrease uterine care and menstrual health disparities in underserved communities through the eradication of societal stigmas and propagation of resources and scientifically based information. 

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