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Frequently Asked Questions

What items can I donate?

You can bring the following items to either of our locations and place them directly in the fridge or pantry:

  • All produce

  • Non-perishable pantry items

  • Dairy products (including eggs)

  • Packaged meals (labeled with expiration dates and ingredients)

  • Raw meat - in the freezer only!

  • Homecooked meals and sandwiches (properly labeled with all ingredients and expiration dates). 

  • Hygiene products, toiletries, period products and condoms

  • Baby food and diapers

  • Pet food

  • Reusable, plastic and paper bags

We do not accept:

  • unlabeled meals

  • drugs or alcohol

  • anything that is opened, rotted or spoiled

  • clothes

  • housewares

What are monetary donations used for?

100% of the donations we receive are re-invested in the fridges and the community. Donations are used to purchase groceries and cleaning supplies for the fridges and for occasional maintenance. Donations made via Open Collective are tax-deductible!

Where are the Germantown Community Fridges located?

We currently have two locations:

  • 20 W Armat st ., Phila, pa 19144 - outside Green Street Friends School

  • 19 E High st., Phila, pa 19144 - outside FUMCOG

Each location has a working refrigerator/freezer and a dry pantry. The fridges are open 24/7 and are fully self-serv.​

What other resources can you recommend?

How are Germantown Community Fridges different than other food banks?

Our fridges offer perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, meals and dairy products in addition to the non-perishable items that most traditional food banks offer. Anyone is welcome to take food from the fridges, no signup or paperwork needed. The fridges are open 24/7 which helps community members use them on their own schedule. 

Are there other community fridges located throughout the city?

Yes there are! There are many locations throughout the city of Philadelphia run by many different people. You can check out where other fridges are located using this link here

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