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Deli Sandwich

Donate Sandwiches

Looking for a simple yet meaningful way to help your neighbors? Make sandwiches at home and donate to the fridges at your convenience!

Many of our neighbors appreciate quick, grab-n-go foods, and sandwiches are perfect for that. Follow the steps below to donate.

Foiling a Sandwich

Step 1

Make 5+ sandwiches of your choosing and package each sandwich individually in a clear bag or wrap*. Examples of popular sandwiches include: turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, PB&J. You are welcome to get creative!

*Brown bags are allowed but not recommended.


Step 2

Label each sandwich with all ingredients and the date they were made. Please be as specific as possible (i.e. type of bread, type of cheese, type of meat, type of nut butter, fixings and condiments, etc). 


Step 3

Bring your delicious sandwiches to one or both of our fridge locations (20 W Armat or 19 E High st) and place them into the refrigerator. Feel free to snap a pic for socials and tag us when posting (@germantownfridge)!


Perfect Project for Groups

Give back to your community by organizing a sandwich drive at your organization, school, youth group or business. In the past, we've had groups making and donating as many as 600 sandwiches as part of their community outreach projects. Contact us to coordinate drop-off and ask any questions.

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